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The ideal way of optimizing resources and improving people’s living conditions.

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Our company was founded with the sole purpose of improving the living conditions/ quality of life through nanotechnology, this by being pioneers in the research and development of this industry. We are capable of generating products that can revolutionize any sector.

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The Nanogasa® is an ultra fine cotton mesh impregnated with nano-structured components that help maintain the wound in an antiseptic state and in an environment prone to tissue restoration. Eliminating any...


The Nano-membrane is a biopolymer that works as a base in order to take over the cells. It also helps to restore dermal wounds, potentiate tissue regeneration, eliminate any potential infection and bio-absorb itself inside the application area...

Nano Cleanser®

This is a nano structured impregnable solution. The main active component contains metallic nanoparticles that, as soon as impregnated in a wound or in a surgical handling area, assure the creation of an anti microbial barrier that facilitates the...

Neural Move®

The purpose of this high conductivity metallic nano structured device, is to amplify the central nervous system’s electromagnetic stimuli. This would generate an electric neuro stimulation bridge that allows patients...

Our products have a superior efficiency and a lower price in the medical industry, food industry, cosmetic industry, etc.

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We are the only Mexican nanotechnology company that lists in the american stock market.

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